Renovate bathrooms

The best tips and tricks
The paint is off at the bath or the bathroom furniture only the grandma? Then it’s time for a bathroom renovation. Here you can find out what is important when renovating the bath. With a large FAQ section .

Step 1 in bathroom renovation – collect ideas
So far you only know that your bathroom needs to be renovated urgently and otherwise you are still completely devoid of plan and ideas? Then maybe our ideas for bathroom renovation will help you.

The 2nd step in bathroom renovation – selecting products
When it comes to bathroom renovation, in contrast to bathroom renovation, not everything is completely renewed. This is more about beautifying and freshening the bathroom. Tiles, electrical and water pipes remain untouched. The new color is more fashionable or quickly replaceable bathroom items. How about, for example, with new fittings, bathroom furniture or new bathroom ceramics? A new washbasin or a new toilet change the appearance of the bathroom but enormous.

Is it always too dark in the bathroom? Then buy a few new bathroom lights, which provide with their light for brightness and new fun in the bathroom. Here in the shop, you will find a lot of beautiful lights for all areas of the room. From the mirror to the ceiling light. In addition, we do not want to deprive you of our bathtubs and showers. Although it is in the installation more towards redevelopment. But in general, the two terms renovation and rehabilitation are blurred in practice anyway.

The 3rd step in bathroom renovation – creating facts
Once ideas have been collected and products have been selected, you can start with the bathroom renovation. Whether you lend a hand or hire a specialist, is entirely up to you and your home improvement skills. One replaces the washbasin faucet with the left, the other has problems finding the stopcock. Therefore, we do not want to give specific instructions at this point. However, here you can expect much more valuable information and tips that are useful to renovate the bathroom.

Bathroom renovation – frequent questions
How much is a bathroom renovation? How long does it take? Where can I take a shower in the meantime? We have answered the most common questions for you.

Remodeling a bathroom – how long does it take?
Before a bathroom renovation, of course, you want to know how long it will take for the bathroom to be usable again. After all, you do not want to give up your daily shower. However, no general statements can be made as to when the water bubbles up again.

Key influencing factors are, for example:

Size of the bathroom
Scope of renovations
Type of work
Tiling and sealing work, for example, is time-consuming. Drying times must be maintained for some moist construction materials such as flexible mortar, leveling compounds or primers so that the renovation is delayed by one or two days. If the pipes are renewed, additional days will be added. Electric work costs additional time.

Delays can also happen if not all trades are in one hand. So if different companies are involved in the renovation. This often causes gaps in the schedule. Some trades can only be tackled when another trades are finished. And if you want to do some or everything yourself, it will also take longer than when professional bathroom construction companies operate.